Friday, July 13, 2012

The Story Continues...Getting the News!

After the tech was finished getting better images of what was 'cooking,' I took a CD of the images with me as I left the building. My parents were in Washington D.C. on their first trip following my dad's retirement from the fire department and my grandparents were at home in California awaiting my call with how things went. I sat in my car in the parking lot and wondered what exactly I was going to tell them all. Do I say I don't know anything yet? Do I tell them what the tech said? I didn't know.

I fired up my cell phone, started my car and called my parents first as I headed home. I decided to tell them what the tech said and that I really didn't know more than that, but would see what the doctor had to say. Mom wasn't very happy with this, but what could any of us do about it? Then, I called my grandparents, gave them the same speech and got the same reaction. I arrived back at the house I was sitting at while they were away at a much needed vacation at Disney World. The next day, the family I was sitting for called, I gave them all the same speech I gave my family. I really didn't know what else to say, but I trusted God that He had control of the situation and I just needed to rest in His arms.

This was Memorial Day weekend, so I had an extra day before I had to go to work and tell my co-workers, who were praying for me, the same thing. So I spent the weekend trying to have fun and keep my mind focused on the Lord, talking about with anyone I knew that asked me what had happened at church and small groups.

Tuesday came and while at work I received a call from my chiropractor asking to see me as soon as possible. So, at lunch I drove up the street to meet him at his office. He took me into the treatment room to tell me the news. The report from the radiologist confirmed that I had a large mass on my right hip joint and it wrapped onto the hip socket and pelvic bone. He was very concerned about this as he was not expecting to read about a tumor; he was expecting to read about a sciatic nerve. I told him what the tech said and that I was not surprised at all and had had a few days to get used to the idea. I just needed to know where we went from here. After my primary care doctor received the report she called and suggested I go see an oncologist. I made an appointment with the oncologist I had seen after my breast cancer surgeries.

Later, the next steps....

Has there been a time in your life where you knew all you could do is put your faith, trust and life in the hands of the Lord and step back? Feel free to comment with your story.

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  1. I feel like putting it all in God's hands is a day by day, hour by hour proposition. I I wish I could just put all the hurt and sadness and depression in his lap and walk away from it all. But it is HARD to give it all to him. I wonder why that is. Should be easy to give up your burden to one you profess to trust. And yet I don't do it. I do trust God but I can't seem to give it all to him. Joanne and I were talking tonight about how hard things feel lately (long stories) and we looked at each other with the realization that Lord wIlling we wil have another 40 years of life like this. It's at these moments when I have to force myself to day, "God, I give this to you, because there is NOTHING in me that would allow me to rise to this occasion and to do what you would have me do." And for a little while I feel better...