Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little Fun in the Sun

Just as a reminder, this all took place in 2008. We are making our way through to now, but in order to understand these days I face now, setting the scene for the past few years in important. I hope you are bearing with me, and enjoying the story along with what God has taught me along the way and seeing how He has worked. It is truly awesome and a testament to Him.

So, my parents, my cousins and I have made our way to Maui. The pain I feel is something we haven't talked much about at this time. While on this vacation, I spent a good deal of time laying on the bed in the condo. Each time we would go site seeing, out to eat or out shopping, the time sitting in the car would cause my hip and lower back to ache so bad it was like a constant, unrelenting swat in the tail end with the flat side of a shovel. Beside laying in bed, the only thing that would help me feel better was to be in the ocean.

It became a running joke with all of the other people in the complex, "She's a fish!" I could stay out in the Napili Bay for 4-5 hours. I would have my cousins husband and my dad help me down into the water (because of a steep incline) and have them help me get out when I was ready.  Everyone would come out and talk with me for a few minutes in the water and then get really cold and make their way back to the sand to warm up in the sun. My cousin was the one that could last the longest coming out to talk with me. She would last about 30 minutes. Then she would get cold and head back to the sandy shore and under the umbrella and beach towel for a few minutes.

Cousins heading out to snorkel, still in the sand.
I would float out there in the bay, sing praise songs, pray, watch the people going out to snorkel in the bay try to put on their fins in the sand while stumbling all over the place, then trying to put them on in the water and rolling over face down before they finally succeed. It was so much fun snickering at them knowing they really had no clue what they were doing. Seasoned snorkelers know they put the fins on in the water and do it by using their opposite leg to keep them upright instead of laying on their back in the water. Newbies always loose their balance and roll over, getting frustrated as they come back upright. It is such a sight to see, very entertaining. Then, there are people who take nearly 30 minutes to get their fins and masks on before they ever head out to snorkel. That is also something that would make me laugh hysterically.

Sunset over Molokai.
All of this was therapeutic for me. The floating in the ocean allowed my body the ability to feel weightless, taking the pressure off my hip and allowing me a bit of relief. The shows I got to see from the people were great for my state of mind, making me forget all that was coming and allowing me to laugh a while. Each afternoon, we would all finish up at the beach and go back into our condos and take showers to wash off the salt water and sand. Then, we would come back together at the condo I was staying in downstairs for dinner as a family and watch the sun set over Molokai across the channel from us. Others would come out with their dinners and eat at the picnic tables near the built-in barbecues. This place and the people were all well acquainted with each other and had been spending they summers together for years over here. We were no exception. This was not only paradise, it was home away from home.

For 3 weeks we managed to forget the upcoming surgery and just do life together. It was a wonderful time. My cousins and I managed to take a boat with the Pacific Whale Foundation to the far side of Lanai (the other island across the channel from us), looking for schools of dolphin. Even tough we didn't see any dolphin that day, it was great to be on a boat in the ocean. I have always loved the ocean, and the tattoo's I have of a whale tail coming out of the water and a breeching orca, tell the "tale" for me. If I could get a other tat, I would finish off the whale tail coming out of the water with a lighthouse on a cliff overlooking the ocean, a breeching orca, a couple of dolphin and a sea turtle underwater. For me, that would go across my back and be the last tat I would get. I would be complete after that.

Enjoying a Maui Tacos burrito before
boarding the plane home.
Never-the-less, all the fun in the sun needed to come to an end. My cousins left the in morning the same day that I was going to leave. I left for the airport just before dinner. I always fly the red-eye home so I can sleep on the plane and still have a good day in the water. We head to the airport, check me and my luggage in and then head someplace for dinner. This time was no exception. We drove to the local mall and I had my last taste of Maui Tacos food. We sat in a little area nearest to the parking lot watching the people shop and eat shaved ice and ice cream. Soon enough I was headed back to California to spend one last day with my grandparents before heading back to Colorado. It was a bittersweet time for my parents and I because we knew that when we were all back on the mainland (that's what the lower 48 states are called in the islands) we would see each other just before I headed off to surgery. We made the most of our time before they dropped me off at the airport and watched me go through security and up the escalator to the gates. With a few tears, I was on my way back to California and prepare for a long journey ahead.

Next, we 'Return to Work' to make all the necessary preparations to leave Colorado and begin the trek to California for surgery.

"Be merciful to me, O God, for man would swallow me up; Fighting all day he oppresses me. My enemies would hound me all day, For there are many who fight against me, O Most High. Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You." Psalm 56:1-3

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