Friday, November 9, 2012

A Step Up...

Taking a detour back to my story in 2009.

A long time friend of mine had been working with a friend of his for a way to get me in and out of my Jeep more easy. With my right leg being slightly shorter than my left, and not having as much strength in my right leg, it was difficult for me to get into the Jeep either as a passenger or a driver. It would take some time for me to wiggle my way into the Jeep, so it was necessary to find a better solution for me. We needed something for me to step on. Side rails!

The day I had my three wisdom teeth removed, a man from a local car dealership came to my home and  installed side rails on my Jeep to provide more leverage for me to get in. I was completely out of it when he was there as the pain pills along with the anesthesia knocked me out for the majority of the day. Mom watched him work on my car and took several pictures as the guy installed them so I could see the progress later, once I was out of my drug coma. And, of course, so my family in CA could see them too.

Why are side rails so important?
  1. This was a step in the direction for me to become independent and live on my own again, alone.
  2. This was going to allow me the ability to get in the driver's seat without help.
  3. These were 100% paid for by the dealership and a gift to me for being a breast cancer survivor.
And, gaining my independence is just what these new side rails did. In April of 2009, my mom was able to go back to California and be home with my dad, while I stayed in Colorado with my job and my apartment.

Next: A 15' Angel...

"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy." Matthew 5:7

How has God showered you with an unexpected blessing?

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