Sunday, November 11, 2012

A 15' Angel Behind You

Today we're going back to the present day again, October 2012.

After a couple of days being in the hospital prior to surgery, the nurse (Helen) who works with my surgeon (Dr. Femino) came by to see me. She was just checking on me to see how I was doing. Mom had gone to get a cup of coffee when Helen came by.

We talked for just a couple of minutes before mom came back to my room. After peaking her head in and seeing that Helen was there we all began to talk. Helen was taking a quick break to head to a prayer group on campus. Any body was welcome to come if they knew about it. Helen offered for mom to come along. After a minute of coaxing, mom and Helen headed off to another building on campus to the prayer meeting. Meanwhile, I took a much needed nap.

Mom and Helen headed for the room where the prayer meeting was being help. The set up of this room was in small groups. Mom headed for one group and Helen headed for another. Prayer wasn't too long, it was only during the lunch hour for employees at the hospital, so it needed to go quickly.

As mom was getting up an getting ready to come back to my room following prayer, a man approached her from across the room at another small group. This man proceeded to tell my mom that while they were all praying, there was a 15 foot angel standing behind my mom the whole time. The angel had it's wings open and extended out fully. The wings were white.

Mom thought this was so incredibly cool. She thanked the man for telling her about the angel. When she returned to my room, she proceeded to tell me the story of the angel when I asked her how prayer went.

My angel watching over me.
It was a great boost of faith for my mom to have this man tell her about and describe the angel standing over her. After all we have been through as a family, it is awesome to hear how other people see the Lord's hand on our situation. We don't always see the hand of the Lord around us, but we do know that He is there. To have this man see an angel over my mom, I could only imagine what he may have seen if my father and/or I had been there.

Mom has talked about this angel several times with others around us. My hope is that those others see the hand of the Lord in their lives as well.

After a few more days, I was transferred to the rehab hospital. This was on a Monday. On Wednesday when mom and dad both came to see me in the rehab hospital, my mom brought a gift from her Liz to me. Liz had been shopping for her business and ran across a flameless candle for me. (A flameless candle is a battery operated candle which flickers as though it were a candle flame on the inside.) The great thing about this candle from Liz, was that it is an angel.

So, I now have an angel watching over me every day and night in my room. This serves as a reminder to me that God is always with me and He is keeping watch over me. I love my little angel. It may not be 15 feet tall, but it is my angel and it is fully visible for ALL see.

Next: "I'm Coming Home."

"The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them." Psalm 34:7

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  1. Thanks for sharing Stacey. That angel was definitely God's encouragement to you :)