Friday, January 25, 2013

Let's Go Back to 2009 and Pick Up the Story Again

As we delve back into my story, I will probably still continue to intertwine the events of today in as we journey through. Some of the past is extremely important to understand better the how's and why's of today. Please bear with me through the process. Journey's can take funny twists and turns, hills and valleys now and then anyhow, right?

We left off last time in March of 2009 where I had the remaining wisdom teeth removed. That was a painful ordeal. But, as I was sleeping off the pain, the blessing of the side rails for the Jeep was taking place. They worked wonders for the length of time I had the Jeep. They were great.

Following my oral surgery, I went back to my physical therapy sessions with Mark Deysher. The work he did with me was incredible. We used pilates machines to work on strengthening each leg independently. We worked on balance using various methods of trampolines and standing on disks. We used an old fashioned standing leg press along with a rotating disk which not only worked on balance but coordination. This was all great stuff and was making it possible for me to become my own person again. And that was nothing but a good thing.

By the end of March he had me walking on the treadmill for warm ups before doing strength and core training. I never thought after a surgery like I had, and the doctors saying I may never walk again, that I would be walking on a treadmill.  How cool is that?

Being an independent person, when you have to rely on others to help you cook, clean, etc., it feels as though you have lost something very important. It is kind of like my posts back in 2009 where I talked about "Taking It For Granted - 1" and "Taking It For Granted - 2." The every day things we do in our lives, we don't really think about until for some reason we cannot do them anymore. It feels like losing a part of yourself that you just can't seem to get back. And, when you do begin to regain some of what you lost the world doesn't seem to be against you anymore. That is why taking on the treadmill was such an important time in my therapy.

While mom and I still had a little time left before she felt I was ready to be on my own, we would take weekend trips to different places around Colorado. One weekend it was Red Rocks, Golden (where Coors beer is made) and a little trek into the mountains. The next weekend it was lunch or dinner in Denver. We just had fun where ever we went so mom could see more of the state of Colorado.

Next..."What A Drip."

"May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in you." Psalm 25:21

Tell us about a situation you've had where your hope and your trust needed to be in the Lord and not in the situation itself?

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